About Responsible Reverse Mortgage Loans, NMLS #485910

About Responsible Reverse Mortgage

Responsible Reverse Mortgage, Inc. was founded to provide those aged 62+ with access to the best, safest way to access the growing equity levels in your home.
Watch our video and see the comparison to a traditional home equity line of credit. to find out more.

Meet our President and CEO…

We understand that taking a reverse mortgage is a personal decision for you. That’s why we strive to recruit only the most experienced and knowledgeable people into our organization.

Those same people who have our customer’s interests at the heart of what they do. Those people who truly understand good old fashioned customer service.

Nancy Pedone

CEO/President, NMLS 485910

We are completely independent

Our promise to you as our customer is that your interests and needs will be served above anything else. We have no ties to any one lender or program. Reverse mortgage lenders have many subtle differences.

We know them all inside out and can use this knowledge to help you get the right outcome.

We are independent. Our only allegiance is to you.

We are members of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association

Give us a call and together, we can figure out if a Reverse Mortgage can help you accomplish everything you need.

We’ll come up with a game plan on how you can take advantage of this federally-insured product and use this powerful financial planning tool in the absolute best way for you.

Our NMLS number is 1212765.
You can look us up on the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System website: http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/

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