Purchase A Home

Purchase A Home


Have you got your eyes on a new home to set you up for retirement?

If so, you're like many

Last year alone, 4.2 million people of retirement age, moved into a new home.

A lot of people downsized to a cheaper home. But 30% of them actually moved into a more expensive home.

If you are 62 or over, you could get the home that has all the features you want for retirement.

What is a HECM?

Watch our video now to learn all about Home Equity Conversion Mortgages.

A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage For Purchase, known as a H4P, could provide the finance that you need to buy the home you really want.

  • Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere the family can visit?
  • Or somewhere closer to them?
  • Maybe you need somewhere where the maintenance is taken care of?
  • Or where there’s an active and likeminded community?
  • Maybe it’s features you’re looking for, the plan of the home, or it’s location?

Whatever your needs, with an H4P loan, you have the purchasing power to choose the home you want.

You can purchase it with a down payment that only equals about half of the price of the home.

Where does the rest come from? Well your FHA insured H4P loan covers the rest.

There are no monthly mortgage payments for as long as you live in the home.

Which means extra cash in your pocket each month to spend on what really matters to you and yours.

If you’re aged 62 or over, and looking to buy a new home, consider an H4P loan from Responsible Life.

It’s the home you want for your retirement, for about half of the sales price.

H4P from Responsible Life

It’s the partner you need to buy the home you want

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